Across America charter schools are facing a crisis. These public schools are struggling to obtain affordable, adequate facilities for their students. Quality educational space is critical to ensuring student success. The Charter School Facilities Initiative will provide important research and data to drive solutions.

Common findings

To date, the CSFI project has performed research and published findings from ten states. In comparing each state's charter school facility challenges, the following common trends/findings have been found. It is anticipated that more common themes such as the examples below will rise to the surface after additional states are studied. Click here to download individual state reports.

  • Charter schools are forced to spend significant operating dollars on buildings.
  • Fewer than half of charter schools have kitchen facilities compliant with National School Lunch Program NSLP guidelines.
  • Local and state capital funding programs are not a significant source of funding for charter school facilities.
  • Charter school access to empty or underutilized public school land or buildings is sporadic.
  • Common amenities such as libraries, sports fields, gymnasiums, lunch rooms, etc. are limited for charter school students.
  • Charter school facilities and classrooms are too small compared to industry standards.

The CSFI Coalition

The CSFI is made possible by a coalition of partners, including the Colorado League of Charter Schools (the League), the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools (the Alliance), the National Charter School Resource Center, and the U.S. Department of Education. 

  • Colorado League Of Charter Schools
  • National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation